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    Business is tough, over 98% of ALL businesses fail within the first year. Even more businesses fail within the following 5 years.

    That is why it is so important that your digital marketing is working for you, day in and day out, turning over REAL money.

    Our mission is to ensure YOU get a solid return for every $ you spend on your marketing campaign. 

    We understand what you’re going through, you’re not making enough money to justify the thousands you are spending on your marketing. It’s just not giving you the results you need to see.

    It’s important you have a fully dedicated, results driven marketing powerhouse on your side to drive unbelievable amounts of traffic to your website resulting in a sea of leads and sales that give you REAL returns for every $ you spend.

    Your marketing team needs to understand the true value of every single $ you spend because you have worked too hard for them not to.
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    Rolls Royce Digital Marketing Agency

    Rolls Royce – a name that stands for exclusivity, quality and the strive for perfection.

    We want to shake up the digital marketing agency world with a sole focus on return on investment (ROI) for our clients. We back this up by having no lock in contracts and a team of world class experts willing to lay it on the line doing everything possible to generate the best possible ROI for your business.

    Ultimately Rolls Royce Digital aims to provide an unrivalled personal customer experience to all business owners whilst delivering real results!

    So What Makes Rolls Royce Digital Any Different From Other Marketing Agencies?

    Before Rolls Royce Digital was even formed, we had several experiences with other marketing agencies who promised the world, but ultimately failed to deliver each time and always stood behind the typical digital marketing agency lock in contract. We never really understood why we were not getting our promised results until we started investigating the ins and outs of digital marketing, trying to better understand why people behave the way they do online.

    After thousands and thousands of dollars spent on over promised digital agencies, we knew someone had to do the job right. There must be a way to provide an unmatched level of service without hiding behind any contracts. Once we got our formula right, we started rolling it out to other businesses to help them achieve the same success we have.

    What Exactly is a Digital Agency?

    To put it simply, a digital agency is a specific type of marketing agency that specialises in marketing services through a digital channel. A digital agency is a business that provides promotional efforts via digital media channels (SEO, PPC, Social) to drive more customers & leads to your business. This is done by enhancing website visitor channels through a varying number of strategies based on budgets and industry specific situations.


    Digital marketing really took off in the 1990’s and 2000’s changing the way brands and businesses conducted marketing strategies. Digital started to become a part of people’s everyday life and as such, people started to increasingly use digital channels instead of visiting physical shops. This has only evolved over the years and the estimated global sales for 2020 is around $3.9 trillion.

    Data shows that internet usage is up on a year to year basis. Since 2005, there has been about a 219% increase in internet users across the globe.

    What Are the Main Services of Rolls Royce Digital Agency?

    We offer a range of digital services and can quite easily tailor make certain digital strategies and channels depending on your requirements and the needs of the industry. The main areas Rolls Royce Digital works in though are:

    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – The art of manipulating search engines via a host of on-page, off-page and technical aspects. The goal of SEO is to have you ranked on the front page for your best converting, industry specific keywords.
    • Google Adwords/Pay Per Click (PPC) – One of the absolute most powerful advertising tools in the modern world. Google ads are designed to get results quick and with proper optimisation, they can lead to some incredibly valuable leads and sales.
    • Converting Web Design – Website design is as vital a channel as any other digital marketing service. If your website will not convert the existing traffic, there is no point in paying money to increase the traffic flow. Websites must be built with conversions in mind.
    • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc) – Another top performing channel within the digital industry. Social ads can absolutely explode your sales and bring unparalleled brand awareness along with it. Mainly used for online shopping, social ads can target and home in on your customer base.

    It does, however, take a very deep understanding of digital marketing and the different channels to properly produce a positive ROI. Every industry is different, and you can no longer rely on a standard approach to digital marketing for every industry/business. You must be working with an agency who understands your requirements and goals. The digital agency is evolving as the popularity of online activities increase, businesses and companies are getting much more inventive with their approach to digital marketing and they are being rewarded for it. Make sure you are working with a digital marketing agency that understands what you want and what needs to be done to get there.


    Ideally, you will want to pursue a multi-channel approach to your digital marketing strategies such as combining SEO with PPC & Social Marketing. A multi-channel approach will not only increase your visibility across a range of channels, but ensure you are hitting all your target markets. Each digital marketing channel has its own strengths, advantages and weaknesses.

    For example, combining both paid ads (Google Ads) & SEO work extremely well with each other and can often simultaneously be targeting the same page for certain keywords. Adwords & SEO share keywords and correctly optimising a page from an SEO perspective, will generally increase your ad rank and produce better results through AdWords.

    By far the most important channel you will be using is your website. If your website is old, outdated and does not convert really well, there is little to no point in driving traffic or formulating a marketing plan. If your website fails to convert the already existing traffic, than throwing more at it will not be a smart nor long term gain. Having a high performing website that can convert visitors should be the 1st step to any business.

    What are Some of the Advantageous to Working with a Digital Agency?

    The main thing you are buying when it comes to online marketing is expertise. Digital marketing is a very time-consuming task and for most businesses, unless you hiring an in-house team just do not have the resources or knowledge to effectively run an online marketing campaign. Running a business will take up most of your time, so it makes sense to outsource these kinds of tasks to experts who only work in the field of digital marketing.

    The idea of working with an experienced digital marketing team is to solve problems via multi-disciplinary solutions and channels, at the same time increasing your initial ROI. Using measurable metrics such as traffic statistics, keyword rankings, conversion rates, sales, leads and visitor behaviour, we will tailor a digital marketing strategy that will suit your budget and growth goals.

    Worldwide eCommerce Sales Statistics

    Worldwide eCommerce sales are growing at a rapid rate. Online shopping is here, and it is here to stay. In 2017, eCommerce sales were responsible for $2.3 trillion worldwide. This number is set to double by the year 2021. Australia itself contributes $19.33 billion per year and again, is growing at a great rate.

    The expansion of the eCommerce world has taken away the restrictions of just selling in your own country. Going global no longer really requires a business to have a presence in that targeted country. Many customers around the world look outside their country’s borders for products. Around 57% of online shoppers will purchase products outside their own country.

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    Rolls Royce Digital
    Rolls Royce Digital

    We’re fiercely proud of the quality of our work and the incredible impact our marketing has on businesses. That’s why we back our work with the Rolls Royce Digital Guarantee.

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