Things to Look for When Hiring – Work Ethic

The process of hiring new employees can be extremely time consuming and costly for a business. Businesses must actively work to retain hard-working employees, but they also have to be very meticulous when it comes to hiring to ensure that good decisions are made early on in the hiring process and minimal losses are made. There are a number of qualities to look for when hiring and these desirable traits can make the difference in a new hire that will only last a short time or a new employee that will stand the test of time. One of these traits is work ethic.

An employee’s work ethic is the moral principles and values which guide their performance at work, this ethic decides what is the right moral choice in particular work-related situations. Someone’s work ethic is also inclusive of their attitudes towards their work and the behaviour they exhibit on the job. As you can see – you definitely want to hire someone with a strong work ethic!

Recognising a strong work ethic is vital for determining who are the top performers in your list of candidates. Any candidate can have the right experience in an industry and display the desired skillset, but a new hire with a strong work ethic that may not be as experienced could prove to be the better hire as they will have an intrinsic desire and motivation to perform at their best. An employee with a strong work ethic will strive for a job well done, not because they know it is expected of them, but because it fulfils them with a sense of personal satisfaction.

When you are trying to recognise a strong work ethic, it is imperative to look past your candidates’ résumé and to assess their traits and characteristics. Some of the most commonly associated characteristics with a strong work ethic is; dedication, high productivity, reliability, punctuality and responsibility. It can be hard to determine someone’s work ethic just from a piece of paper, but some indicators are awards and recognition as well as promotion as this shows consistent and dedicated work.

In an interview, an employer can more accurately assess one’s work ethic by asking open-ended questions that require the interviewee to draw upon their past experience. By asking how candidates reacted in past work situations, you can determine a lot about their work ethic. Some interview questions that are perfect for this are; describe a time that you felt overwhelmed with your workload and how you handled it AND when have you worked the hardest – describe the situation and explain your motivation. The best candidates will provide detailed, real-life situations that prove they will work hard and go the extra mile for you and your company.

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