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PPC & Adwords Management Australia

PPC & Adwords, when run efficiently can absolutely change your life whilst driving sales and leads online. Google Ads is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to generate revenue for your business straight away. When PPC is run right, your business is going to be exposed to a feeding frenzy of hungry customers that are being led straight to your store.

Did you know that around 65% of customers that are looking for a product online will happily click on a paid ad if they believe it is what they are searching for? If you can target to this audience correctly, there is a strong likelihood that a high proportion of these clicks are going to translate into genuine sales.

PPC adds extraordinary value to your business and works very well with other digital marketing channels such as SEO. Targeting the top ads of Google is a guaranteed way of drastically improving you online presence. Localised businesses do benefit in a huge way when it comes to geo-targeting, ensuring you are only getting the leads from the areas that you want.

How do I find a Reliable Adwords Management Agency?

Finding an agency to perform your google Ads is not a difficult task, finding an agency that knows exactly what they are doing, how to target your audience, how to drive down the CPC whilst still remaining competitive & consistently upgrading the account is another story all together.

You need to look for examples of work, especially in your own industry. Investigate statistics such as cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-acquisition (CPA), return on investment (ROI) statistics and which types of ad strategies will yield the best results for your industry.

What Kind of Metrics Should I be Seeing in my PPC Campaign?

There are numerous ways of measuring and checking on key performance indicators (KPIs) when it comes to running an ads campaign. Some of the most important metrics when it comes to a successful Adwords campaign are the following:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC): Your CPC metrics are going to differ depending on what industry you are in. Google Ads is based from an auction system that rewards businesses who have high quality campaigns. If Google deems your landing page average, then your CPC is most likely going to go up. There are many factors at play when it comes to the CPC of any ads campaign.
  • Conversion Rate: You should absolutely know your conversion rate with ads. Conversions can be set up via form submissions, phone calls, purchases and even type spent on page. Working out which conversions benefit you the most and setting them up is vital to the success of any PPC campaign. Ideally you want to be pushing your budget into the top performing ads & keywords.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): This is an important metric knowing exactly what your CPA is worth. This metric alone can give you vital information about the validity of the campaign and making sure it is ROI positive.

How Quality Score Affects Your CPA

It is common knowledge that your ad quality score will affect your cost per click, but not everyone understands that the quality score is one of the most important metrics to work on when fine tuning a PPC campaign. Optimising for quality score is pretty much the same as optimising for CPA. If you have a high-quality score, you can expect to see your ads discounted quite heavily and be shown more.

How do You Increase Your Google Ads Quality Score?

Quality score is a measure of relevance for your ads. Both Google & Bing determine where and how often your ads are shown based on the quality score for your ads. And as you can see, good quality scores will equate to much better value.

High quality ads are generally improved via structuring a PPC campaign into smaller, well-organised keyword groups. Try experimenting with a variety of ads to determine which ones are more popular based on the keywords being targeted. Better keyword and audience targeting will naturally improve your quality score.

Low quality Google ads scores are normally the result of a disconnect between keywords, ad groups, ad text, target audience and landing page content. If your ads strategy is not connecting properly with your audience, be prepared to pay up to 4x the ad click price and only be shown in a limited timeframe.

Here are some tips to improving your ads quality score:

  • Keyword Research – Look for new, quality keywords to add to your campaigns. This should include longer tail keyword opportunities that you can either add to a campaign, or structure new ads and content around.
  • Keyword Grouping – Group your relevant keywords together. If the keywords are similar and focus on the same topic, they should be grouped together.
  • Work on Ad Copy – Make a few different ads per keyword set, let them run and see which ones your users engage with the most. These kinds of ads will always have a higher quality score.
  • Landing Page Optimisation – Your landing page MUST be optimised. If you are driving traffic to a page that does not relate to, or contain any information regarding the keyword that was searches, you can expect to see a low quality score and your ads will suffer.
  • Negative Keywords – Keep a close eye on what people are searching for when they are clicking on your ads. You are going to notice some irrelevant keywords that probably don’t suit your business or will not convert. These types of keywords need to be put into a negative list.
  • Use Keyword Modifiers – Modifiers can be extremely useful when it comes to keywords. Too broad and you will get unwanted clicks from irrelevant searches. But an exact match modifier will generally produce a lower cpc and higher quality score.

There is no real easy way to change the quality score when it comes to Google ads. You are going to have to experiment and continuously fine tune the campaign to get it running smooth. A successful AdWords campaign takes time to build and months of optimisation before it is performing at optimal levels. Just remember, Google itself uses algorithms that are constantly learning and optimising your own campaign for the best results.

The Price of Google Ads

A popular question in the PPC world is “how much do I need to spend on Google Ads?” This is certainly a fair question but there is really no easy answer. Google ads budgets are going to depend on your industry and your own goals. Most budgets are quite flexible and there are numerous bidding strategies that can drastically affect the budget you have set out.

On average for most small businesses, you will find a budget usually sits somewhere between $30 to $150 per day. Again, this depends on the industry. However if you are in a very competitive industry with average clicks of $30 and you only have a $150 daily budget, you are only looking at around 5 clicks per day. For this to be successful you will need to have a high close rate or product in demand.

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