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    SEO Services in Australia

    You must understand and correctly implement a constructive SEO campaign to maximise your organic traffic throughout Australia. SEO is one of the most critical areas for any online business to invest in.

    Over the course of a year, Google processes over 1.2 trillion searches. Just think about that statistic for a moment, that’s 3.5 billion searches a day that translates to over 40 000 search queries every single second. Those numbers are almost impossible to comprehend and only 13% of those searches will make it to the second page. What this means for our business is if you are not on the front page of Google, you may as well not exist online.

    Keyword Position Info-graphic

    Obviously, there are other considerations to understand when it comes to organically ranking and generating traffic, not all keywords are built the same and not every single google search is typed in the same way. A keyword with high volume and high competition may not be the best option for several reasons such as:

    • Competition is impenetrable by well-known brands
    • The larger more common keywords can be used for knowledge searches and not buy now searches – eg: someone searching for interior decoration may be looking for ideas for a DUI project or looking for someone to assist.
    • The keyword could be dominated by Google ads and the local map pack taking up nearly all real estate on the front page.
    • The keyword might not be relevant solely to your industry.

    Here is some data Semrush published about a search term relating to long tail keyword phrases.

    SEMrush Graph on Long Tail Keywords
    It is vital that correct keyword research is performed, and your industry/niche related keywords are identified. One of the biggest mistakes you can do at this stage of your SEO campaign is to choose all high-volume keywords in the hopes of ranking them quickly. It just won’t happen. Longer tail keywords are known to convert better, this is because most people who type in long tail searches are in hunt mode trying to be as precise as possible with their search.

    Another crazy statistic to throw in the mix is that Google has reported that nearly 15% of all searches are brand new, never been searched before. Therefore, targeting the heavy hitting keywords that every agency promises is a sure-fire way to fail before you begin. You need a healthy mixture of keywords and ultimately you must be pouring resources into converting keywords.

    Are You New to SEO?

    Fear not, there is an abundance of information online regarding best seo practices, how to guides and everything you could possibly want regarding the subject at matter. However, how exactly do you know who is reputable, who is not, who is honest, who is trying to take your money and who are the truly self-proclaimed “SEO experts”? It is really a minefield out there trying to navigate exactly what search engine optimisation entails.

    Ultimately, SEO is a digital marketing strategy designed to manipulate search engines into ranking your site on the 1st position of Google for relevant keywords. Effective manipulation is going to focus on a few core SEO competencies such as:

    1. On-Page Optimisation: This process involves keyword research, title tags, meta tags, heading tags, content optimisation and a lot more.
    2. Off-Page Optimisation: This is the process of earning backlinks to your website. Not all backlinks are treated the same and this is really a case of quality over quantity.
    3. Technical SEO Work: To put it layman’s terms, technical SEO is the process of optimising your website for the crawling and indexing phase. The main goal of technical SEO is optimising the infrastructure of the website so Google favours crawling it.

    Unlike its paid counterpart (Google PPC), SEO is designed to control and encourage your visibility on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). These days, the position of your site in comparison to the search term the user inputs will be determined by SEO practices from yourself and your competition.

    So, it would make sense that the higher you rank for more keywords, the more visibility your site will receive which in turn will generate more traffic and leads for your business.

    The Strengths of a Working SEO Campaign

    Like all marketing, there are both upsides and downsides to running an SEO campaign. SEO, when it is running smooth will be an extremely profitable venture, however it may not always run as planned and you are left forking out money for the remainder of your contract (PSA: We do not use lock in SEO contracts) for no real results. Some of the advantages however can consist of:

    SEO Strengths represented by chess pieces


    • Reliable & Converting Leads – It is no hidden secret that organic traffic is one of the highest converting channels available. This is because leads that are generated organically are based on the users search queries answering their questions. PPC on the other hand, is based off keywords and does not have the best reputation for converting traffic, especially on broad match searches.
    • SEO Leads Are Just More Trustworthy – Google AdWords does have a lack of credibility with the users search queries. This is also the reason a small percentage (around 30%) of searchers click on the ads whilst the rest come down to the organic listing. Therefore, this gives the searcher a higher level of trust when it comes to answering the search term the user inputs.
    • SEO is Cost Effective – This is definitely a point of discussion based solely on the sheer amount of SEO agencies out there charging at such different price points. But there is no real need to pay ridiculous amounts for your SEO campaign. SEO does cost a fair bit of time and resources to correctly manage but a successful SEO campaign will always be ROI (Return on Investment) positive.
    SEO Negatives Represented By Chess King Who Has Fallen

    The Weakness of SEO Campaigns

    Unfortunately, Search Engine Optimisation is not all positives as much as other SEO agencies will tell you. Like all things marketing there are risk and rewards. Generally speaking, most SEO campaigns will be more rewarding provided they are set up correctly. But some of the weaknesses include:

    • Google Can Be Unmerciful – No matter what, if you rely solely on SEO as your marketing strategy you are at the mercy of Google and their unrelenting algorithm updates. A simple Google algorithm update can cripple the most optimised site around. No one knows what rules Google decides to implement and when, so you must stay ahead of the game and constantly update your website & SEO to follow their guidelines as best as possible.
    • It’s Not Always Fast – Depending on your industry and competitiveness, this will ultimately dictate the speed of which the SEO campaign runs. If your site is brand new and has never had SEO work done to it, you are most likely going to be playing the long game before you begin to rank for any keywords. This can be a real issue for a lot of start-up businesses with cashflow problems being promised the world from SEO companies.
    • SEO Content is different – Google is constantly evolving to better train their AI crawlers to understand written content. At the moment however, SEO content will differ quite a lot from sales content. You are best to write content for both the user and the Search Engine in mind whilst not keyword stuffing or over optimising the content. It can be a real balancing act and takes a fair bit of practice to get right.


    Relevant Content & Backlinks Are Vital

    If you research off-page SEO strategies enough you are going to come across a host of different methods and claims. This is another area that Google is constantly updating and not all links are built equally. Off-page work is an on-going process that should never really stop. Earning links from relevant, authoritative sites will give you a huge boost to your organic rankings. These are not that easy to get a hold of though unfortunately. Authoritative sites will not link to you for the sake of linking, you must have relative and informative content that is beneficial to their own readers.

    There are definitely a few big no’s when it comes to backlink building. A lot of agencies outsource their links which results in comments on threads, poor linking sites and ordering links through less than reputable vendors. Google is not a fan of these methods and will devalue the link if it thinks it has been obtained solely for SEO purposes.


    The Various Pricing Points of SEO

    If you have had some time to investigate and talk to several agencies, you are going to notice the varying price points that are on offer when it comes to SEO. It is important to understand that not every SEO agency works the same way and they operate differently with regards to the SEO work.

    A good way to look at this problem is imagine being offered 3 services, but you can only choose 2 of them. Good – Cheap – Fast

    • Good & Cheap – Will not be fast
    • Fast & Good – Won’t be cheap
    • Cheap & Fast – Won’t be good

    Ultimately you want results and a lot of agencies mainly offer the cheap & fast solution which is really designed to rank irrelevant, long tail searches with minimum competition to deliver on their promise, all the while screaming praise and showing off vanity metrics whilst you are not seeing any ROI on your end.

    If you happen to be using cheap SEO and thinking you have struck gold, think again. Like most things in life, cheap services or products often translate to cheap quality.

    SEO is not a set and forget game, there is an absolute immense amount of work that needs to go into each campaign. Once you manage to hit page one for your keywords, you need to work just as hard to maintain them. When you think about it, if you stopped SEO after hitting the front page and your competition has not, they are most likely going to surpass you.

    Google constantly updates their algorithms which means the best practice work you done yesterday may now be completely irrelevant tomorrow. Google’s entire organic business model is based on giving searchers the best possible information it can. If you are not providing this through on-page work, content optimisation & off page strategies than your impressions and importance in Google’s eyes will diminish.


    SEO Time Frames

    SEO is an ongoing process. There are so many variables at play when it comes to ranking a site and the time frame of success. For example, you may be using a certain CMS (Content Management System) that is not exactly SEO friendly. These are extremely common unfortunately and the developers of the CMS normally throttle SEO capabilities deliberately whilst charging you more to access those features.

    There are some amazing CMS out there (WordPress, Shopify) that don’t hold back and let you complete the SEO work without hassle.

    Average Typical SEO Timeframe Line Graph

    Providing the CMS is not holding back the SEO work, the timeframe can still be hindered by other variables such as:

    • SEO Competition – How much are your competitors pouring into their SEO campaign. The reality is, if a large brand is pouring 10k plus a month into certain keywords and campaigns, you are not going to surpass them with a cheap $500 a month SEO package.
    • Keyword Difficulty & Conversions – As mentioned above, not all keywords are built the same. If you are just targeting short tail, high volume than you are almost guaranteed to be set up to fail. This is not to say you should not be targeting them at all, but you must have a healthy mixture of longer tail and shorter tail keywords. Long tail keywords have been proven to convert higher and rank much quicker as well. The trade off is the search volume.
    • Off Page & Domain Authority – An authoritative site that consists of a healthy backlink profile and a good domain authority is always going to rank better. Combine this with perfect on-page & technical SEO and you have a recipe for success. The big trade off here however is time. If you are a new business with a new domain, this will take a fair bit of time to build a solid domain authority (DA). The only way to build up your DA is through backlinks. But it is so important to understand that not all links are equal. Free citations & directories are a good method for ranking locally, but everyone has access to these, and they are abused. Good, powerful links are quite hard to come by, but they are worth their weight in gold.

    If you are targeting a healthy combination of long tail and short tail keywords, you will notice some of the rankings drastically moving up and a decent increase in traffic. This is a great sign that the SEO work has been implemented well. This short growth period does not last long however, and once you see this initial growth it will slow down a lot moving forward.

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